… from long-time resident, Ms. Mary Porter.

Where is South Atlanta? Does it include College Park, Pittsburgh, and Lakewood Heights? No. South Atlanta – like East Atlanta – is an officially recognized neighborhood.

The community was established in the late 1880’s around the prestige campuses of Clark University and Gammon Theological Seminary. The area originally bore the name Brownsville. As to when and why it was changed to South Atlanta, Ms. Mary cannot recall.

Did you know that at one time South Atlanta had a movie theater? The Carver Theatre – now called the Gateway Building – sat at the entrance to the neighborhood and was among one of the Bailey theatres built in Atlanta during the era of segregation. The Bailey theatres offered an alternative to theaters such as the Fox Theater where African Americans were forced to enter via the outside staircase and sit in the back rows of the balcony.

Back in the day the movies cost 10¢, a huge candy bar 5¢, and 2 large cookies a penny.

Ms. Mary and her 7 siblings always were so excited about going to the movies. While money was a little tight, they could save up the tokens the Capitol Flour Mill put in the bags of flour and use the tokens as price for admission to the movies.

Ms. Mary remembers seeing The 10 Commandments at the Carver Theatre. It was a big deal to have that particular movie come to their little theater, as they mostly got b-movies.