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October 2011 Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2011

Russell Hopson opened the meeting at 6:54 PM and called for a moment of reflection.

The schedule was modified in an attempt to get us out in time to pass festival postcards around the neighborhood before it got dark.

Community Reports

Lt. Reginald Moorman, the investigations commander of zone 3, reported that the biggest issue lately for our beat has been with burglaries and particularly copper relate burglaries. He strongly encouraged residents to put alarm sensors on their HVAC units. He also reported that Moury Avenue has been the cause of problems. He requested that residents report squatters, as police believe that they are the ones largely responsible for the copper burglaries.

A request was made for the new zone head to come and introduce herself to the South Atlanta Civic.

No other public nor elected officials were present to speak.

Committee Reports

  • Public Safety: While not the head of public safety (still looking for someone to replace Jason Timbert), Josh got up to speak. He explained that he had just completed the Atlanta Police Citizens Academy. He explained how while we have in the past been told that we need to report suspected drug houses to 911, as they document the reports and keep stats. He was able to tour 911, as a part of the class time and got a chance to directly ask a 911 operator if this was true. Found out it definitely is NOT and was told suspected drug houses need to be reported to narcotics at 404.546.2650. Narcotics fills out lead sheets and tracks the reports and investigate.

Community Business

The August minutes were emailed out the week after the meeting. Russell asked if there were any discrepancies. The minutes were approved as written.

Russell announced that this month’s community pride was that one of Carver High School’s bands, as well as their art students would come out in support of the festival. We also have the Ron Clark Step group signed up to perform.

Fran got up and reported on the upcoming social/festival. She announced that this week only we would be offering 50% off anyone interested in signing up for the BBQ sauce taste off. She also announced that we still volunteers. You can sign up in 2-hour blocks. There is a full range of opportunities to volunteer – everything from cooking to kid area supervision to stage coordinating. You also will be able to donate candy Treat Street and get a free plate of food.

Chris McCord announced that he had two trash grabbers as a thank you to the two boys who Valerie Sellers said cleaned up her street last month during the community pride moment. He hoped to encourage them with their street cleaning efforts and make it easier.

Katie Delp announced that the 2nd Treat Street will be held October 30th from 5-7 PM in the Marketplace parking lot.  It still needs candy donations. You can bring donations to the Marketplace or to the social on October 22nd. The Treat Street also needs volunteers to serve at the booths. Josh and Kara will be bringing back the Haunted Woods.

Christy Norwood reported for Charis Community Housing on a variance request to attach the two porches on 1307 Marcy. The motion was made and seconded and passed to approve the variance request.

Tina Arnold from Lakewood Heights reported on a towing company that is attempting to set up shop in their neighborhood. The neighborhood has found several discrepancies on the towing companies claims and wanted the surrounding neighborhoods to come to the NPU-Y vote informed.

Community Forum

Donna Barber reported that Community Fellowship is offering an after school program. It is for K-8th grade from M-Thurs. It is $25/month though no more than $50/month for a family. If that is too high for a person, they will work with you. It is located at 1297 Jonesboro.

Two new residents were welcomed.

  • Cory Bridges on Park Avenue.
  • Harold Haney on Hardwick Street.

September 2011 Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2011 

Russell opened the meeting at 6:42 PM with a quiet moment of reflection. He reported that the August minutes had been read and approved at the SACL executive board meeting.

Community Reports:

There were no police officers present at the start of the meeting, so Community Prosecutor Claire Farley spoke first. She gave her contact information – She passed around a sheet for those who were interested in being a part of court watch. She also shared that we need to update the police on our agenda. She will get us the contact information for the new police officers.

Councilwoman Carla Smith and Sheryl Bennett were at the meeting. (1) They shared that the Mayor’s office has a ‘love your block’ grant. The next round of applications are due October 15th and February 12th. She gave Russell an application. (2) They encouraged us to send someone to the Neighborhood Summit. Cost is only $25/person. (3) They announced the Boulevard Park opening on September 25th. (4) They asked us to get out the Jonesboro Redevelopment Plan for Ms. Lily, so that she can find a suitable building for her proposed afterschool program.

Committee Reports:

  • Socials: Russell announced that this was saved for Community Business.
  • Beautification: Chris McCord announced that the next community clean-up project would be September 24th and hosted by Wesley Center at 17 Turman. Candy Taylor presented more information on this project and passed out fliers.
  • Public Safety: Russell announced that we still need a chair for this committee.
  • Youth Empowerment: Carrie announced that they were continuing to meet and that work is being done behind the scenes. They hope to have something to present in the near future.
  • Community Development: Russell announced that he is working with a contact to start a South Atlanta Boot Camp on Saturdays at 9 AM. It will be open to all at $5 (or less) per person. Need to 10 people to sign up before it can get started to make it worth the instructor’s time.

Community Business:

Ida Williams informed the body again about the South Bend Center for Arts and Culture. It is available for youth ages 6-13 for $35 or less dollars a week (sliding scale). There also is a teen program available.

Courtney Alston of the Ron Clark Academy stood up and introduced herself.

South Atlanta Social Update: Fran, Kristi and Tanisha updated the body on the work being done on the first annual hog roast. They informed the body that is being used as a community building and fundraising opportunity. They are now at the point where they need community support.

Russell announced that our Community Pride moment is that our hog roast’s first star support is A-Tow, who donated $1,000. We are now 2/3rds of the way to our financial goal for the festival.

Kristi announced that the festival’s permit had just been approved. Ron Clark and Wonder Root are potential partners. We revealed 3 banners, as well as postcards and small cards to pass out in the neighborhood and surrounding communities. She encouraged the body to go to the festival’s Facebook page and invite their friends. She asked for financial sponsor and donor ideas, and she announced that they have packets available for applications, sponsors and donors. They presented the sauce-off, vender and volunteer opportunities.

Christy Norwood with Charis Community Housing informed the body that Charis would like to take their vacant land to the Land Bank Authority for banking and tax abatement.

The new police officers showed up to meeting. They reported that our beat had 48 crimes – the majority in the Villages of Carver. AC-Units are the biggest problem; however, cages and sensors are big deterrents.

Community Open Forum:

Courtney Alston informed the body that the Ron Clark Academy was proud to be a permanent fixture in the South Atlanta Neighborhood. She invited us to join them at: (1) Admissions Open House on September 22 and 27. Register Online. (2) Community Open House – date in October is to be determined. (3) Education Training Day – October 7, 13, 14. Fee. Register online.

 The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 PM.

 Minutes taken by Christy Norwood

June 2011 Meeting Minutes

South Atlanta Civic League

June 6, 2011

Russell called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM and welcomed everyone in attendance. Russell started the meeting with a moment of reflection and then introduced the executive committee: Russell Hopson (President), Josh Noblitt (Vice President), Chris McCord ( Treasurer), Katie Delp (Secretary), Christy Norwood (Assistant Secretary), and Fran Carroll (Parliamentarian).

Community Pride

Russell Hopson opened the floor to residents sharing moments of community pride. Be ready to share next month too… (1.) Russell shared about the mural project. He was encouraged to see neighbors rising to meet the challenges that keep coming up against the mural project. We are close to reaching our goal of having the largest individual piece of artwork in the city of Atlanta. (2.) Josh shared that his excitement about the drug house on his street FINALLY being closed down after months of complaints to the police.

Community Reports

Lt. Sheffield reported that Cowboy will be banished form South Atlanta when he is released from jail. He also reported that a nearby city pool had been hit by copper thieves. The park department is at working trying to fix it. Good news – a big arrest of a copper thieve on Milton Avenue. He also reported on a car jacking of an employee at the Arthur Langford Center; the car jacker was arrested in the victim’s car. The police are looking into his connection with other crimes.

Lt. Browning reported on the Moury drug investigation and arrest at 8 Moury. The house was fortified with a surveillance system. A 2 year old girl was there; she is now with her grandmother. Lt. Browning also reported that vice has been in zone 3. Vice made 45 arrests this past month – most on Lakewood and Jonesboro.

Leroy asked the police if the word had gotten out to the police about the mural project. Lt. Browning said that she has sent out 2 emails and put out a radio announcement. Lt. Sheffield handed Leroy a business card to give to the muralist that they can show any police officer who does bother them.

Jackie Walker reported that suspicious activity has started back up at the Marcy Street apartments. In particular. There is a big guy on a 4 wheeler who drives up and down Jonesboro from the apartment to fancy cars.

Russell thanked Sheffield and Browning for their time and efforts.

No elected officials were present to give a report.

Committee Reports

1. Beautification: Chris McCord reported that Thayer Avenue hosted their own street clean up. He encouraged others to do the same and to see him if they wanted to use the SACL equipment. He announced that a dumpster will be located at the back of the Marketplace at 1297 Jonesboro Road on June 10-11 and residents can use it to dump their junk. He also announced that residents can take from the mulch pile that sits at the corner of the Jonesboro parking lot.

2. Public Safety: Jason Timbert was absent. Geri reported that a tree blocking Bisbee was going to be removed.

3. Youth Empowerment: Mandi Giles announced they committee didn’t have anything to report, but would be meeting next week.

4. Socials: Fran reported that she would be sharing on the kickball tournament later in the meeting. Kristi Wood reported on the SA Social tentatively planned for October 8th. The kickball tournament will be used to raised funds for the social. The committee put in a grant request Friday with Community Foundation. The grant could get at up to $10,000. The planning committee is being split into different committees and requested people sign up on sheets.  Committees with leaders: (1) 3-on-3 bball tournament – Rebecca Dehart. (2) Fundraising & Sponsorship – ?. (3) Vending & Artists – Katie Delp. (4) Music – Carrie Amestoy – looking for local artists. (5) Kids Area – Tanisha Corporal. (6) Clean Up – Chris McCord. (7) Beer Sales – ?. (8) Volunteers – ?. (9) Marketing – Kristi Wood.

5. Community Development: Russell is working on getting a report done.

Community Business

Ms. Walker with the APD gave a ‘Neighborhood Safety Reminder’ as we head into summer months which often come with an increase in crime.

She reported that the #1 crime in the world is larceny – of that auto larceny. She said one should NEVER leave anything in one’s car. It takes less than 30 seconds for an amateur to break into a car.

The BEST thing to do when confronted is to throw your items down and run the opposite way. NEVER get into the car. Do whatever you have to do to not get into the car – including throwing yourself down and become dead weight.

Home Invasions are ARMED robbery. This is a high felony. This is given immediate attention by 911 dispatchers. Ways to avoid home invasions: key pinning windows; wooden screws in doors; barking dogs; noisy neighbors; alarm system. Do NOT leave items on the porch. Look for landscaping trucks – these are often stolen and used to rob houses.

Drew Swope gave an update on the progress of establishing neighborhood watches in South Atlanta and invited other streets to start watches. Currently we have NW’s on Gammon, Martin, Thirkield and Brown. Neighbors have each other’s contact information. Captains check the neighborhood crime report each month and reach out to those who have been victimized. It’s simple to start a NW – it just requires going up and down the street a couple of times gathering information, as well as a couple of meetings.

Fran reported on the South Atlanta Kickball Tournament = the South Atlanta Southern Fried Kickball Tournament. She passed around 2 sign up sheets – one for being captain and one just for playing. She reported that we need at least 4 teams. The cost to sign up is $10, but that includes the tournament tshirt. The teams must be co-ed. Tentatively looking at June 16th to play. Going to the NPU-Y meeting to extend the challenge to other neighborhoods. Socials and Youth Empowerment Committees will be working together to set this up. Fran concluded by saying that the socials committee hopes to make this an annual event and that Ms. Jackie Walker will be selling concessions to raise money for the South Atlanta Social.

Katie Delp reported on the new SACL meeting reminder signs. 20 signs will be placed around the neighborhood the Friday before the meeting and picked up the following Tuesday. She asked for volunteers and said she would send out an email reminder.

Community Forum

Kerry and Mike reported on an upcoming FCS volunteer project in the neighborhood on June 10-11 and asked if there were any specific sites people would like to get picked up.

Fran reported on the neighborhood directory.

Russell closed the meeting. Leroy motioned to adjourn. Josh seconded the motion.

May 2011 Meeting Minutes

South Atlanta Civic League: Minutes

May 2, 2011

 Russell Hopson called the meeting to order and asked those present to join him in a moment of reflection.

Community Pride

Russell read a letter from a friend. Her car broke down near his house and she drove it over to Community Grounds. She wrote a letter praising the neighborhood for its overwhelming and generous response in helping her in her time of need.

Chris McCord thanked everyone who showed up on Earth Day to pick up and haul dumped tires to Turner Field. He especially wanted to acknowledge A-1 Tires on Blashfield, as its owner stopped by and offered his large trailer to take a load to Turner Field. We don’t know how we would have taken the truck tires to Turner Field without him.

Community Reports

(a)     Police Representatives. Lt. Browning reported on miscommunication about drug houses in the neighborhood. We are still to call 911 about drug houses, but we ALSO need to call narcotics.

Officer Paden reported on the crime in South Atlanta for the past month. It was a relatively ‘good’ crime month. We had 4 burglaries WITH arrests. The guy who robbed Carrie Amestoy was found and arrested. He is Steve Butler – aka ‘little Stevie.’

A question was raised about why 911 did not recognize the intersection of Crogman and Thayer when several residents called to report a teenage fight this weekend. The person was concerned as this has happened several times. Ms. Mary Porter responded and said this was due to the neighborhood having abandoned Crogman in 1996, so that Providence Church could expand. The church later decided it was too expensive to build and relocated.

(b)     No elected officials were present.

(c)      Committees. Russell announced the committees and their current leads – Beautification (Chris McCord). Public Safety (Jason Timbert). Youth Empowerment (Amanda Giles). Socials and Fundraising (Fran Carroll). Community Development (Russell Hopson). He encouraged those who aren’t yet a part of a committee to please join one. He thanked the committees for their hard work and invited them up to give their monthly update.

  • Beautification. Chris McCord reported on past work. He then did a random drawing. Geri picked #3 – Andra Burns, who won a gift card to Community Grounds Café. He then announced new dates – May 7th a dumpster will be at the corner of Moury and Murray for a volunteer group who will work on the property there. Residents are invited on using May 8th. He also informed the body that A-Tow has a tire shredding machine and has offered us their assistance. We want to be respectful of their time, but will do two more tire round ups this summer. He also reported that we recently received a Home Depot grant. The money was used to purchase equipment for our use during clean up projects.
  • Public Safety. Jason Timbert was working an unable to make the SACL meeting, so Josh Noblitt gave a brief report in his place. They met. Good ideas are brewing and will report back with more concrete ideas next month. Geri spoke up and said that they wanted to know about areas in the community where street lights were missing or being hidden by overgrowth. One idea that is formulating addresses areas in the neighborhood that needs more lighting.

A concern was raised about the area around Park and Hardwick. Brush overgrowth at the sidewalk was creating a dangerous intersection. Multiple near accidents already have occurred. Accident waiting to happen.

Josh reported that neighbors can contact him with areas in the neighbor that need lighting. His contact information is on the agenda (

Another concern was raised about the number of vacant houses in 17 Turman Avenue. A resident at house #8 wanted to know what we could do about nailing up the properties. Josh told her that he would gladly speak to her at the end of the meeting.

  • Youth Empowerment. Mandie reported the members of this committee are so excited about empowering the youth to be active members of the community by: (1) Creating a youth SACL committee. They are working with the board and by-laws to see what this could look like. They are in the process of selecting youth to serve on a the committee. (2.) Planning a unifying event to bring together youth and adults. (3.) coming up with effective ways to reach older youth who are lost/untouched currently by neighborhood resources, etc.
  • Socials and Fundraising. Fran reported on the work of this committee. (1.) They currently are planning a kick ball tournament for June. Hope to make it a street against street competition, but if more teams are needed are thinking about expanding the challenge to surrounding neighborhoods in NPU-Y. Talk to Fran if you are interested in heading up a team. After listening to Mandie present earlier, Fran thinks that this might be a good event to get the youth to help with. (2.) They also are working on the South Atlanta Social. More information to come on this one. (3.) They also are working on creating a community pride fundraiser – talking with venders about porch decals and car magnets, etc. They’d like to be able to roll this out at the kick ball tournament.

A visitor raised her hand to complain about how word was no longer getting out everyone about the SACL meetings. Fran said she’d love to get her information and get her help in spreading the news about the SACL meeting times and helping us to connect with more people.

  • Community Development. Russell Hopson reported that they committee currently had committed itself to helping with senior appreciation day at the Bethlehem Senior Center. He then excused himself and transitioned to Community Business giving the floor to Ms. Candie Taylor.

Community Business

Candie Taylor reported on (1) the Wesley Center’s Project Extend which was taking applications for small repairs to senior’s houses and (2.) the Bethlehem Senior Center’s open house being held on May 5 from 10 am to 4 pm open to all seniors in the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. She also said they’d love to make the center open to more community events. Margaret reported that the only requirement for the senior program was being 60 years or older.

Leroy Barber reported for Green My Hood’s latest project – the mural along Jonesboro Road. It has been a long process, but they hope to be done in 2 weeks.  May 15th at 5 pm in the Marketplace parking lot is the planned mural celebration.  BBQ and fun for the kids will be provided. Press releases will be given to local press. Using this as opportunity help put South Atlanta on the map in a good way. Kristi reported that a section for the kids will be done on the mural, but plans were still being formulated for that portion of the mural. Leroy reported that he had receipts for those who had given to the mural. Wasn’t too late to make a donation. Donations of $25 or more would get your name placed on the wall. Make out checks to FCS Urban Ministries: Green My Hood.

A concern was raised by a visitor about the lack of crosswalks on Jonesboro. Russell said he’d be pleased to talk with them after the meeting was adjourned and would stay with them as long as he needed them.

Community Forum

Janice White got up to present on the demolition of 218 McDonough Blvd. Leroy moved to approve of the demolition, but only the demolition. Lucious seconded. 15 voted in favor. 1 voted in opposition. Russell promised to email Paul McMurray with the results and to prepare a letter from the SACL.

Katie reported that the coffee and snacks were provided by Community Grounds Café and informed the body that Sweet Potato sandwiches were now available at Community Grounds. She also reported on the annual Community Fellowship Camp. It is 7 weeks long for ages 5-14 for a registration fee of $25. 10 local teens are hired to run the camp. Talk to Andra or Donna for more information. If you would like to sponsor a child, let Katie know. There are different sponsorship opportunities. Russell promised to sponsor one child.

Leroy recommended adding a committee to deal with business and help create a standards. Russell suggested that this could be done in the community development committee. He encouraged anyone who shares this passion to join the committee. Andrej got up and spoke on his efforts to reach out to the local businesses. He said many have expressed interest in helping South Atlanta, but lack direction. Many want to come together and learn from one another. He is former a group. Andrej will make sure they are here next month. Rev. Harleman reported that he believed the #1 standard for businesses to be safety and quality. He reported on how his church has helped maintain the beautification of the area around their church and helped to fix the water issue on Turman Avenue.

Kristi recommended a communications and marketing committee. Russell said he’d love to see Socials try and tackle that. He said he’d put out a feeler to the community asking if others want to be a part of that committee. Josh said that he wanted to make sure that such a committee wouldn’t step on the toes of the secretary and assistant secretary, as that does touch on their responsibilities.

Mazie Lynn made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Reverend Rice seconded the motion. It was accepted by all present. The meeting was adjourned.

April 2011 Meeting Minutes

South Atlanta Civic League

April 4, 2011  Minutes

 Russell welcomed everyone to the meeting. He introduced the members of the SACL executive committee and then held a moment of silence.

 Community Pride

1. Green My Hood event on March 12th was successful with much accomplished thanks to neighbors and Bridge Church. Accomplished: painted J store, primed mural portion of A-Tow wall, picked up tires, and cleared brush on Park Avenue, prepared community garden for start of 2011, and put in new benches around the community. Russell explained that he will send the Bridge Church a thank you letter and will email out a draft to neighbors for feedback.

 2. Andrej shared that the Bike Shop appeared on the 5 o’clock news on Channel 2 WSB. The police are continuing to volunteer. The police are bringing over 40 bikes. He is seeing trust being built between the youth and police.

 Community Reports

Police Report.

Encouraged to see increased unity. All crime bad, but we did relatively well this past month. A question was asked about why we were told to report drug activity to 911, but 911 was saying we shouldn’t be calling the information into them. Should we keep calling 911? Lt. Browning introduced herself at this point as our new Zone 3 Suppression Commander. She said that we should call in drug activity to 911 to get it documented, but then to also call it into her. The police under her do not answer to 911 calls, but rather go to where there is an issue with crime. Her cell phone number is 404.617.7950, and her email address is  Another resident explained that Carver students have moved from park to Gammon and Marcy. Lt. Browning said she is the one who needs to know that. Another resident reported that the youth have been hanging out around the Bethlehem Center between 3-7 PM and causing problems. Russell thanked the police and requested for the sake of time for the police to take any other concerns privately at the back of the room.

 Local Elected Officials Report.

Sheryl Bennett reminded everyone to grab and pass out flyers for Carla Smith’s Earth Day activities. She also said she was encouraged by the packed room and excited about the increased show of unity.

 Committee Reports.

COMING SOON… next month after the committees hold their first meetings. J

Community Business

Leah Van Tassel stood up to announce that the community garden on Thirkield would kick off this coming Saturday at 10 AM. Lots were available for individuals, groups, or co-ops. The lots were available free of charge, but for a commitment that includes weeding once a month.

Community Forum

The owner of 1518 Jonesboro stood up to encourage residents to shop at the super market and lingerie store. He also said he soon will be opening a beauty shop. A resident addressed concern over the ‘rough signage’ saying that if he improved his signage and changed his wording he would increase his customers.

Katie Delp stood up to introduce the new code enforcement campaign being headed up by the executive committee. Four houses properties in despicable conditions were chosen to be highlighted this month. Code worksheets were created for each property and copies were made for everyone to sign.  These worksheets will be faxed into code enforcement every day this month by different individuals. One packet was passed around to be signed by everyone and will be mailed to elected officials. Two residents requested two other houses be added to the list next month – the cement block house on Marcy as well as the one at 1587 Jonesboro.

Cathy Taylor is the new NPU-Y public safety officer.

Kristi Wood and Carrie Amestoy stood up to announce the return of the South Atlanta Festival. Hope to use it as a fundraiser for the park, as well as an opportunity to get our name out to the rest of the city. They will need planning it, as well as with raising funds to host the festival. Russell Hopson said that this fit great with the Socials and Fundraising Committee.

Valerie Sellers expressed her concerns with the  neighborhood not having anything for our high school youth. Russell encouraged those with that passions and work with others in the Youth Empowerment Committee.

Russell reviewed the dates to be remembered.

1. Saturday, April 23rd

8:45 AM – District 1 Tire Clean Up – meet at Community Grounds.

1 PM – South Atlanta Easter Egg Hunt – meet at the South Atlanta Marketplace.

3 PM – 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament – meet at the South Atlanta Park.

2. Monday, April 18th

7 PM – NPU-Y meeting at the John Birdine Neighborhood Center.

3. May 7th

Senior Appreciation Day at the Bethlehem Center


Street vs. Street Kick Ball Competition

Jeff Delp announced that the South Atlanta T-Ball team also would be playing April 23rd at the YMCA on Pryor. The time had yet to be announced.

Kristi Wood announced that the Weiner Fest on Gammon Avenue would be May 28th. All are welcome.

Russell encouraged neighbors to sign up on the South Atlanta i-neighbor page.

Russell closed the meeting and announced that it was time to break into committees. Josh explained that the committees were to pick a date for a future meeting (before the 4th Monday of the month, so they could report back to the executive committee) and to discuss the issues to be addressed by future meetings.

Russell quickly introduced Teri – the owner of Sweet Potato in Lakewood. Teri had brought snacks for the meeting. She introduced herself and her restaurant to the members; she also welcomed residents to post community services and welcome packets at the store.

March 2011 Meeting Minutes

South Atlanta Civic League: Minutes

March 7, 2011

Russell Hopson called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM. He introduced the new agenda.

Community Pride

Andrej stood up and started telling us about how this week he was riding his adult tri-cycle with his son standing up in the basket behind him when he was pulled over by a police officer. The police officer asked if he was the one running the Bikeshop for neighborhood kids. Andrej said yes, and then the police officer proceeded to tell him about six kids in the neighborhood that he knew that were always trying to work on their bikes, but who didn’t have the property tools or equipment. When Andrej told him he would need another volunteer to be able to take on six more kids, the police officer immediately told him he could be there to volunteer on Monday afternoon and would even use a police van to pick up the boys and bring them to the Bikeshop.

Community Reports

Lt. Shiffield presented the crime report. He reported that undercover cops had been out to investigate the problem properties on Lansing and Moury, but that they hadn’t seen enough action to give them probable cause. The police are not stopping their investigation, but they would appreciate any further help and information that neighbors could provide. It was reported by members of the community that while they saw activity all day long, they especially saw activity between 6 and 8 PM. Lt. Shiffield also reported that there was still issue with robberies though the number had gone down this past month. Goolsby Mortuary had been robbed. He reported on issues that the Villages of Carver was having and warned of potential spill over into South Atlanta. The Villages of Carver had two men pull guns on security officers. They also were seeing gang-like activity with tagging ‘FBB’ (FBB Carver or FBB Bird Gang), and he asked people to call the police if they saw any such tagging start to appear in South Atlanta.

Community Business

Russell introduced the new committee structure. Josh informed the members present that the executive committee had used the neighborhood dreaming that the SACL had done during our Christmas meeting to come up with the committees.

  1. Beautification (parks, clean ups, community garden)
  2. Public Safety (police, crime, code enforcement, community watch, community education)
  3. Youth Empowerment (bikeshop, after-shool tutoring, football tournament)
  4. Socials and Fundraising (to raise money to cover expenses outside of operations – including Thanksgiving giftcards for Senior Citizens)
  5. Community Development (Beltline, local business partnerships)

Josh clarified the commitment level and explained that we are just asking members to commit to 1-2 hours/month; to report back to the SACL at each monthly meeting about what they had accomplished and what they planned to accomplish; as well as to 2-3 initiatives/year.

Katie Delp explained that she had sign-up sheets at the front table and asked people to sign up after the meeting adjourned. She also asked people to designate if they would be interested in heading up a committee. (Committees are still open to members. Please email Katie Delp at if you are interested.)

Russel pointed out the important numbers that are available on the agenda. Andrej informed everyone that more detailed numbers also are available on the SACL website.

Community Forum

Leroy reported on the re-scheduled (due to rain last Saturday) Green My Hood volunteer day. We will begin to prime what will be the largest mural in the City of Atlanta. There also will be various landscaping and tire clean up teams. Breakfast (donuts and coffee) will be available THIS Saturday at 8:30 AM at Community Grounds Coffee Shop. Lunch also will be provided. Please show up and outnumber the volunteers that will be joining us. J

Leroy reported that the mural will cost us money, so this Saturday from 6-8 PM there will be a reception for donors and sponsors. For a $50-100 donation you can get your name on the wall. Come on out!

Andrej reported on i-neighbors. It’s a great place to post announcements and questions. Also puts you the user in control, as you sign up for it and you both choose to get it all in one weekly email and to unsubscribe when you move out. The SACL will continue with emails until everyone is signed up on i-neighbors. He will bring a laptop to the next meeting to help people sign up. We also are working on creating a phone list to connect those who do not have internet. Jeff requested the web address and i-neighbor address be listed on future agendas.

Carrie reported that she will help neighbors appeal their taxes, as they should be lowered. We will meet at the Bethlehem Center Tuesday March 15th at 7 PM, as the paperwork must be completed by April 1st. She will go with people to the board of equalization to help them appeal.

Maureen reported on drainage issues on Turman Avenue. Russell told her to call Watershed and said he too would call if they need more people.

Donna reported on the summer camp that she runs every year. Next month they will open up applications for new youth. It only costs parents $25 to send them for the whole summer.

Jeff Delp told everyone that he has enrolled a T-Ball Team for 4-6 year olds at the YMCA. He has 4-6 spots still open. Costs $23-30/kid. He’ll let the SACL know about upcoming games.

 Russell told the body to look at the Calendar for upcoming events and encouraged everyone present to pay their dues.

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