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Meeting Minutes – November 2014

South Atlanta Civic League  

November 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes


Josh Noblitt opened the meeting with a moment of silent reflection.


Community Pride Rick Sakaske said thank you to whoever cut down the tree on Brown Avenue. Treat Street was a success. Ms Ressie said that she will be back next year. Mazie Lynn excited about ZipCar. Great event on Saturday with ZipCar. Gammon resident shared about increase police presence on Gammon.


Committee Reports

Code Enforcement – Rick Sakaske updated the body on the status of the Top 20 properties. Still working to locate owners. Have been in conversation with some of the owners.


Community Reports

Officer gave the October crime reports for Beat 305. Having large issues with crime related crimes.  Community voiced concerns.


Community Business

Josh Noblitt announced the SACL Christmas Party on Monday, December 1st. Asking for volunteers to help with the event – decorations, set up and coordination.


Michelle Witherspoon announced about Youth Group that meets on Wednesdays at 7pm. Encouraged the group to not only report problems with youth but to engage them in conversations and youth activities.


There is a recycling event in Lakewood this Saturday, November 8th at Lakewood Stadium. Event will include electronics and paper shredding.


Jeff Delp announced ZipCar’s arrival and explained ZipCar to the group.


Jeff Delp announced the Carver Neighborhood Market will be opening in January.  The Marketplace will be closing and transitioning into a food market. He distributed a survey for the community to find out needs/wants from the neighborhood.


Katie Delp announced the system for reporting street light outages.


Community Forum

Dan Crain announced that there has been a group of ministry leaders and pastors gathering weekly to pray for the neighborhood.  They will be hosting a prayer night every first Thursday at Henry M White United Methodist Church from 7pm to 8pm.  All community members are welcome to attend. He encouraged the group to invite their neighbors.


Vote tomorrow!


Meeting adjorned.

Meeting Minutes – October 2014

South Atlanta Civic League

October 6, 2014

Meeting Minutes


The was called to order by Russell Hopson and opened with a moment of silence.


Community Pride Cynthia Pearson that long-time resident Emory Dickerson passed away. Ricke Sakaske shared he is thankful someone has started cleaning up the fallen tree on Brown Avenue


Community Report Captain Durant gave the monthly crime report for Beat 305. Car break-ins in the Villages of Carver was the largest activity. APD made two arrests during a robbery on Brown Avenue today.  The community voiced other safety concerns.


Sheryl Bennett from District One report they are working on truancy issues for Carver HS and Jackson HS. Please call 911 when you see a truant student and the call will be forward to APS to handle the situation.


Community Business Katie Delp announced Treat Street will take place Friday, October 31st at 5:30pm. Volunteers and candy donations are needed.


Dwight Ellison announced that SouthsideUP is hosting a clean up initiative on the 11th and the 18th at the traffic island at University and Pryor. They are seeking donations and volunteers for the project.


A representative from ZipCar announced their newest location will be in South Atlanta at the Community Grounds parking lot. She explained the ZipCar program and rates.


Rick Sakaske gave an updated on the Code Enforcement Committee’s work.


Katie Delp announced a training for Local School Councils that will be held from 9am to 12:30pm on Saturday, October 18th in the Gateway Center.


Community Forum Katie Delp that South Side t-shirts and house signs are available for purchase.


Jeff Delp announced that arrival of the Carver Neighborhood Market in January 2015.


Russell Hopson announced that today is the last day to register to vote in the November election. He is willing to assist anyone who needs help registering tonight.


Chris McCord and Rick Sakaske will be coordinating another tire round up in November.  Looking for volunteers.


The NPU-Y meeting will be held Monday, October 20 at the John Birdine Center.


There will be Recycling Day at Rice Memorial Presbyterian Church on November 1st.


Lucious Rakestraw announced the opening of Wal-Mart on Cleveland Avenue.
Meeting adjourned.

Meeting Minutes – September 2014

South Atlanta Civic League

September 9, 2014

Meeting MInutes


Josh Noblitt opened the meeting with a moment of silence.


Community Pride: Russell Hopson shared about the success of the Progressive Dinner.  He invited more to join in next year.  Chris McCord thanks FCS Urban Ministries for installing trash cans at the corner of Gammon Avenue and Jonesboro Road. Chris shared he’s seen a reduction of trash on Gammon since the installation.


Community Officials: Major Glazier, Zone 3 Captain, introduced Capt Durant. They reported on the past month’s crime. APD had made several burglary arrests in the Villages of Carver.  They reported there has been a crime suppression team in the neighborhood.  There was a discussion about dirt bikes and ATV “gangs”.


Council Member Carla Smith reported that there have been changes with the City Parks Department and the Friends of South Atlanta Park should meet with them. Truancy Issue Meetings have been happening for the Carver and Jackson Clusters at City Hall. If you see a truant student, please call 911 and 911 will forward the information to APS.  Questions were asked speed bumps on Thirkield Avenue.  Carla explained the process for requesting speed bumps. Nellie Springs asked about the city CryWolf laws about registering home security systems.


Community News: Katie Delp announced that Treat Street will take place on Friday, October 31st from 5:30 to 7:30.  Volunteers and candy donations are needed.


Josh Noblitt reported on the work of the Code Enforcement Committee.  Charis Community Housing has purchased one of the homes on the “Top 20” list.  SACL will start sending letters to the owners of properties on the Top 20 list.


Leslie Grant appointed Josh Noblitt to the APS task force to help make recommendations to the Superitenent about the future re-structuring of APS. Josh welcome input from the community.


Community Forum: Russell Hopson announce a Community Partnership Breakfast at Slater Elementary School on 10am on September 19th.


Michelle Witherspoon announced that the neighbor youth group will start back up this week.  All youth between the ages of 7 and 12 are welcome.


Jeff Delp announced that the Marketplace will begin selling groceries in early 2015 and asked for community input and support.

Nellie Springs would like to ask the Carver HS Football coach about block of tickets for the community.


Chris McCord announced that Moving in the Spirit is having open enrollment for dance classes.


Meeting adjourned.


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