South Atlanta Civic League – January 7, 2013

Russell Hopson opened the meeting with a moment of silence and reflection.

Community Pride – Lt Moorman shared that Zone 3 led the city in crime prevention. Chris McCord shared that all but one house on Gammon Avenue have the South Atlanta house signs mounted. There was also rejoicing about December’s holiday party.

Josh Noblitt led the police report. Lt. Moorman reported that there were very few crimes in South Atlanta in December. APD continues to work with truancy around Carver HS. Residents raised concerns about teens congregating behind 75 Gammon Avenue.

Claire Farley asked the body to complete a Community Concerns Survey. She reported that the DAs office will focusing on commercial burglary and gang education in 2013.

Scott Zoeller from the Ron Clark Academy presented drawings for a setback variance and parking exception for the RCA campus expansion. Conversation ensued about the amount of parking that would be needed and the use of land along Jonesboro Road. Leroy Barber asked about having a representative from SACL on the RCA building committee. Mr. Zoeller said he would follow up with RCA. There was a motion to extend the setback variance. The motion passed. The parking lot variance was tabled until next month to gather more information from RCA.

Leroy Barber reported on behalf of the Nominations Committee. The slate of nominated offices for 2013-2014 are:
President – Russell Hopson
Vice President – Josh Noblitt
Treasurer – Fran Carroll
Secretary – Katie Delp
Assistant Secretary – Kore Bridges
Parliamentarian – Chris McCord

There was a motion to accept the slate of officers. The motion passed. Elections will be at the February meeting.

Russell Hopson reminded members to pay due for 2013.

Katie Delp announced that Wesley International Academy had open their 2013-14 enrollment for all children in APS.

Cande Taylor announced that Wesley Community Centers has moved their offices into the Bethlehem Senior Center.

Michelle Witherspoon asked about the solicitors at the University Exit at 75/85.

Lucious Rakestraw said there was a street sign down at Brown Avenue and Lansing Avenue. Larry Witherspoon volunteered to help fix the sign.

Russell Hopson adjourned the meeting.